Jupier Volume Mascara WP
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Jupier Volume Mascara WP


Waterproof mascara capable of keeping eyelashes curled upwards for a long period of time. 

$68.00 (tax incl.) $68.00 (tax excl.)

Dynasty Professional Beauty Supply Ltd.


1) Apply the upper eyelashes so that the entire brush is entangled tightly from the root of the upper side, and it passes down.

2) From the bottom of the eyelashes, apply the whole brush tightly with the roots firmly, and apply it slowly so that it extends to the tip of the eyelashes.

3) Apply the lower eyelashes while raising the brush, and move the tip of the brush slightly left and right.

* If you want to curl up more eyelashes, it is more effective to curl eyelashes with eyelash curlers in advance.

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