Beauness Spa Mask Sheet
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Beauness Spa Mask Sheet

Mask ( 5 pcs/box )

A rich mask sheet with spa mineral essence to moisturizing skin,

Cloth Mask Sheet: Non-woven mask sheet type.

Essence: Fragrance-free and coloring-free

$75.00 (tax incl.) $75.00 (tax excl.)

Dynasty Professional Beauty Supply Ltd.


Use at night time skincare routine on cleansed skin or after massage.

1. Take a mask sheet from the pouch and spread lengthwise. Then spread open to the sides.

2. Holding the upper part of the mask sheet, adjust to fit around the eyes, nose and mouth and then closely adhere to the entire face.

3. Overlap the cut-out parts of the mask sheet so that the mask fits to the shape of the face more easily.

4. Gently peel the mask off after 10 to 15 minutes and blend the remaining lotion into the skin with the fingers.

5. It is not necessary to rinse the face.


* Place the upper sheet with the large cut-out on each side of the face, over the lower sheet. Then, the sheet does not easily come off.

* When BEAUNESS SPA MASK SHEET is used, there is no need to use BEAUNESS.

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