Autostep Eyeliner Pencil
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Autostep Eyeliner Pencil

Eye Liner Pencil

A retractable eye liner pencil with sponge-tip end. Draws a beautiful line with a soft and smooth touch.

2 colors:

02: Black

58F: Brown

$55.00 (tax incl.) $55.00 (tax excl.)

Dynasty Professional Beauty Supply Ltd.


∘ Swivel up 2-3mm and draw line with short strokes close to lash line. Use the sponge-tip to create a natural finish.

∘ For wet application, dip the point of the pencil lead in water and blend on the back of the hand before use.

In case the sponge-tip becomes dirty, hand wash in a lukewarm water with mild detergent, rinse well, and dry in shade.

Dynasty Professional Beauty Supply Ltd.

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