Beauness Spa Mask Sheet
Mask ( 5 pcs/box )
A rich mask sheet with spa mineral essence to moisturizing skin,
Cloth Mask Sheet: Non-woven mask sheet type.
Essence: Fragrance-free and coloring-free
Serum 65ml
A rich texture serum gentles the skin moisture. It spreads smoothly on the face and neck.
Embellir Liquid
Lotion | Moisturizer 130ml
Fresh and rich liquid that combines the effects of a lotion and an emulsion. It blends easily to face with moist softly.
Embellir Refresh Massage
Cleansing | Massage 160g
A massage cream and a cleansing cream that leads to moisture-rich skin.
As a massage cream, it provides a pleasant-feeling massage. As a cleansing cream, it blends easily to remove makeup smoothly and a comfortable face cleansing.
Fairlucent Refresh Massage
Cleansing | Massage 130g
A massage cream for massage the skin to moisturizing skin. It can be to use as a cleansing cream.
As a massage cream: Helps the movement of fingers to relaxing massage face.
As a cleansing cream: Blends swiftly with makeup and remove impurities, for cleansing the face perfectly.
Herb Mask
Mask 120g
A creamy mask exfoliates old skin cells with herbal ingredients for facial care.
* Recommended to use 2 to 3 times per week for your skin.